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  • New Product  |   2024-01-16
    HiQ Quatro Clear is a general clearcoat designed for application in spraybooths.It is especially suitable for bodyshops requiring better thorough dry for superiorproductivity. Quatro Clear also has quick drying time and excellent appearance.HiQ Quatro Clear is easy to apply and a high gloss acrylic urethane system with excellentdurability.Product description- Easy to apply and high build efficienc…
  • New Product  |   2022-04-06
    HiQ 2:1 HIGH VELOCITY CLEARHiQ 2:1 HIGH VELOCITY CLEAR is a premium fast drying clearcoat designed for quickrepairs where speed is essential.HiQ 2:1 HIGH VELOCITY CLEAR dries out of dust in as fast as 20 minutes andcan be polished in 1 hour on room temperature.No Flash timeNo Set timeHow to use HIQ 2:1 HIGH VELOCITY CLEAR…
  • New Product  |   2022-04-04
    PlasticCleaner(Anti static)Solvent blend cleaner with antistatic effectThis product is used as a plastic cleaner. The characteristics ofthe product are excellent cleaning power and anti static function.* Product descriptionExcellent cleaning power and anti-static function* UseFor plastic surfacesFor nonferrous metal surfaces* FeaturesMixing ratio: Use it by itself.* Packing1L* Mixing viscosityN/AA…
  • New Product  |   2022-04-04
    HIQ Anti-Graffiti Additive improves the surface protection against undesirable graffiti and is applicable to two component topcoats and clearcoats.It reduces the adhesion of dirt and improves the cleaning and slip properties of the surface.* Product description- Improves the surface protection against graffiti- Improves cleaning and slip properties* UseApplicable to 2K urethane topcoats and clearc…
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