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  • Korea  |   2023-07-13
    Support >Technical
  • Korea  |   2023-03-07
    We are sorry to inform you should download the new CCS (COLOR-Q) program for improved service. When you try to access the CCS program, you will get an error meesaage. Please download the new program for the improved service. Sorry for the incovenience.* Or you can download file at the "COLOR-Q category - How to use" Please uninstall the …
  • Korea  |   2022-04-19
  • Korea  |   2019-02-28
    The MA-3 are entry-level multi-angle spectrophotometers for automotive refinishers, making paintmatching fast and simple by enabling users to find precise digital formula matches.1) Nucleos Auto SCSetup File Download: TopazSDKInstall File download:…
  • Korea  |   2021-06-28
    JKMG visited Noroo headquarters on June 25thJKMG received a plaque of appreciation from Noroo PaintJKMG will show further development in the futureI would like to express my gratitude to the CEO and Managing Director of Noroo Paint for being with us.Thank you to NOROO for caring.
  • Korea  |   2021-06-28
    JKMG&International visited the Poseung factory on June 22 (Auto re-finishes paint)It was a day to learn about the future production system and education system of NOROO headquartersby visiting the training center from the Auto Refinishes Piant production process.We would like to express our gratitude to everyone at NOROO Headquarters for being with us.
  • Korea  |   2020-04-09
    We talk about COVID-19 Guidelines from Korean Government Social Distancing in Everyday LifeSocial Distancing at Work
  • Korea  |   2020-02-05
    Flooring material for sites that are sensitive to the smell of solvent such as parking lots, inside floorsof large marts, schools, and public buildingsThis paint is a polyurethane paint using bio-oil such as rapeseed oil, castor oil, soybean oil, etc.It is a non-solvent type low odor urethane lining coat that is excellent in physical performance in terms of impact absorption and scratching resista…
  • Korea  |   2020-02-05
    Epoxy flooring material for concrete surfaces (an effect of improved interior design by non-solvent based top coat)This paint is a non-solvent based transparent product based on epoxy resin and modified amine with metallic pearls added. It dries fast with its excellent properties of hardness, adhesion, durability, chemical resistance and dust proofness. The product forms smooth and beautiful appea…
  • Korea  |   2017-02-02
    - Global color trends in Korea, Japan, Europe and America- Participated 1,000 domestic and overseas color design experts-NPCI (NOROO-PANTONE Color Institute) COVER ALL Trend Book Launched- US Pantone Company 2017 Color of the year 'Greenery (Panton Number: 15-0343)' selected asNOROO Paint, a flagship subsidiary of the NOROO Group, announced on the 9th that the 2017 NOROO International Color Trend …
  • Korea  |   2017-01-25
    Type Term Type of Trainees Auto refinish products 3 days, 2 night Coating technicians (beginners) Color Matching I & II 3 days, 2 night Coating technicians and supervisors and automobilecoating technicians and supervisors(1-5 years experience required forIand 5-10 years experience for II) Products and Color adjustment 3 days, 2 night Headquarters & Sales Representatives …
  • Korea  |   2017-01-25
    NOROO Training School of Automotive Refinish CoatingTechnology establishedin order to train users of various coating technologies on a set of specializedsystems and to assist all trainees in gaining skills and competence in usingNOROO's automotive refinishes.Trainig Contents- Coatings in general- Paint safety and the environment- Color matching skills- Theory and practical application of basecoat,…
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