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  • USA  |   2018-03-27
    JKMG & International Co.Inc has opened a warehouse for delivery to the Americas, Latin America andCaribbean Region.We will be able to deliver more quickly to the Americas in the future.JKMG & International Co.IncADD : 5402 NW 36th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 USATEL : +1 305-450-1879Google MAP : of JKMG & International Co. IncSign board of NORO…
  • USA  |   2017-07-06
    JKMG & International Co. Inc made first product brochure at Rep of KOREAIt is not yet printed, but will be distributed soon after the product is completed.Thank you for your interest.
  • Korea  |   2017-02-02
    - Global color trends in Korea, Japan, Europe and America- Participated 1,000 domestic and overseas color design experts-NPCI (NOROO-PANTONE Color Institute) COVER ALL Trend Book Launched- US Pantone Company 2017 Color of the year 'Greenery (Panton Number: 15-0343)' selected asNOROO Paint, a flagship subsidiary of the NOROO Group, announced on the 9th that the 2017 NOROO International Color Trend …
  • USA  |   2017-02-01
    Demonstration in Miami, FloridaSep 19. 2016The world's largest automotive market USA.JKMG & INTERNATIONAL Co. Inc succeeded in entering Korea's first US market for automotive refinish paint.Successful product introductions, demonstrations and satisfactory techniciansIn the future JKMG & INTERNATIONAL Co. Inc will be able to enter more and more US states.1) First Demonstration Bus- NOROO P&…
  • Korea  |   2017-01-25
    Type Term Type of Trainees Auto refinish products 3 days, 2 night Coating technicians (beginners) Color Matching I & II 3 days, 2 night Coating technicians and supervisors and automobilecoating technicians and supervisors(1-5 years experience required forIand 5-10 years experience for II) Products and Color adjustment 3 days, 2 night Headquarters & Sales Representatives …
  • Korea  |   2017-01-25
    NOROO Training School of Automotive Refinish CoatingTechnology establishedin order to train users of various coating technologies on a set of specializedsystems and to assist all trainees in gaining skills and competence in usingNOROO's automotive refinishes.Trainig Contents- Coatings in general- Paint safety and the environment- Color matching skills- Theory and practical application of basecoat,…
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